4 basic principles for selecting light steel villa keel equipment

  • 发布日期: 2019年12月5日
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4 basic principles for selecting light steel villa keel equipment:


1) Accurate


The keel length, relative position functional holes, relative position and accuracy of dimple holes, must be accurate. The high-end standard in the industry is the error of the component length ± 1.0mm, and the relative position error of the dimple hole ± 0.5mm, in order to ensure that the produced components are consistent with the design drawings, smoothly installed on the construction site, and reduce additional labor costs.


Common problems with inaccurate component sizes are:


  1. When the machine is in slow speed production, the accuracy of the workpiece is acceptable. When the running speed is increased to normal or fast, various size errors increase.


  1. When the machine produces short components, the size is OK. When producing long components of 5 meters and 10 meters, the dimensional accuracy error increases significantly. "Accurate" is the most basic requirement for a #light steel villa keel equipment#.


2) Fast


on the premise of "Accurate", the discussion speed is meaningful.


Taking the most commonly used C89 model as an example, a general model of a foreign leading brand promised in the data book: Typical production capacity 300 m / h (for production of truss joist)-700 m / h (for production of wall), on average, it should be able to reach 450 meters / hour. The speed is not good, usually tell customers that the production capacity is 2.5 tons / day (8 hours), equals 230 meters / hour. (Based on 182mm coil feeding, 1.0mm thickness). It can be seen that the difference is not small.


Equipment with slow production speed is really "cheap machine and expensive using." As a user, you must consider this factor while purchasing equipment.


3) Stable


During the production process, the equipment runs stably without jamming.


When producing a horizontal keel member penetrating through multiple vertical keels, the horizontal keel strength becomes poor due to the continous long web notching holes. If the #LGS machine# roller design is defective, it often happens that the material is stuck in the machine, and the troubleshooting is time-consuming and labor-intensive, resulting in unstable production and frequent interruptions.


4) Less waste


when the processing code output by the light steel house building design software is used to produce the #light gauge steel keel, a certain amount of waste will inevitably appear between two different members under special circumstances


for some equipment, the length of the waste reaches 40-50mm, some equipment, this problem is optimized on the machine control software, which can minimize the length of the waste. From the perspective of long-term production, the material utilization gap between the two is about 2%, and the impact on long-term production costs cannot be ignored.


In short, when it comes to equipment selection, except the price, and machine suppliers, , considering the above principles, the level of after-sales service of the manufacturer, and the overall cost of the machine, we can be a smart buyer of light steel villa keel equipment and occupy the first-mover advantage in the increasingly fierce market competition.


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