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FrameMac, a leading manufacturer of intelligent manufacturing equipment for light steel construction, provides a fully automated light steel construction frame production solution integrating hardware and software. The “FrameMac” solution enables seamless “end-to-end” production from CAD architectural design software to production, construction and installation. Its production system integrates the world's leading VERTEX light steel structure design software. The products conform to the building codes of developed countries such as Australia and New Zealand and the design standards of cold-formed thin-walled light steel (LGS) structures. At the same time, they can also be designed for other CAD building structures. Software, develop the corresponding machine-side interface to meet the "localization" needs of customers.

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FrameMac production control system software design and hardware configuration, using the international mainstream manufacturers, adhere to the "operator-oriented" concept, equipped with independent industrial-grade touch screen computer, plus friendly interface, WYSIWYG production control software It reduces the requirements for operators, so that on-site production personnel have sufficient "control" on the manufacturing equipment, instead of using a common commercial laptop to transmit data and control the machine, confusing the design with the production process.


The drive system of the FrameMac manufacturing equipment adopts the servo motor direct-connected gearbox design. The gear surface is ground and hardened, the oil is stored at the bottom of the gearbox, and the oil is lubricated during the movement. This is the universal design of the transmission system of the world famous rolling forming machine manufacturer - Italy "DALLAN". It is widely used for rolling forming of thin materials below 3mm, the system is stable and the transmission is stable. Compared with the transmission system composed of servo motor, ordinary gear and chain, it has the advantages of high product dimensional accuracy, low transmission noise and simple maintenance.


FrameMac has its own intellectual property rights for FrameMac LGS maker production control software. FrameMac has powerful software development capabilities, and can develop FrameMac manufacturing equipment "machine side" for various architectural steel structure design software except VERTEX according to customers' special needs. The interface allows customers to have more architectural design software options within the FrameMac solution.


FrameMac relies on strong technical strength, through the service and communication to different customers, we will continue to improve and improve the entire system, we strive to provide customers with the most advanced technology and the greatest industrial value.

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