• 发布日期: 2021年5月13日
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Faced with a new construction system, it is normal for customers to experience doubts and concerns. These doubts and concerns are often due to the lack of knowledge that exists regarding the novelty of the system, but the clarification of these doubts is generally simple, because the client can quickly interpret the benefits that the system provides.
A. With this system, can I build any type of house or should it be restricted to houses taken from a catalog?
The system allows total design flexibility: we do not work with any pre-designed model, any project can be carried out, from the simplest to the most complex, ground floor, several floors, admits any type of exterior finish, including exposed brick and all kinds of interior coatings: vinyl, paint, ceramic. The architect can design without restrictions. Likewise, as it is a light system, large spans can be projected. etc
B. Can I carry out extensions to the house?
The system allows extensions to be carried out, the tasks are simplified compared to traditional construction as wet materials are not required. The work is faster and cleaner and in most cases allows you to continue inhabiting the house during the process.
C. Does this type of construction withstand storms and earthquakes well?
In this system, the resistant structure is generally made up of high-performance steel profiles. The structure must be calculated according to regulations, the thickness of the profiles is verified to resist the wind and earthquake loads provided by our regulations.
D. What about fires?
Both the rock wool and the panels used in the partitions are non-combustible and comply with the regulations of the CTE regarding fire protection. The use of steel structure instead of wood prevents the fire from spreading through the structure. In addition, it does not release toxic gases in its exposure to fire. Insurance companies reduce the premiums of steel-frame houses with respect to wooden ones by more than 25%.
E. Do they need more maintenance than traditional homes? Is there no risk of corrosion? Are they durable?
They require the same maintenance as a traditional home and much less than a wooden home. The profiles of the structure are made of steel coated with a layer of zinc, magnesium and aluminum on both sides that protects it from corrosion. In the systems developed in our country, the profiles are enclosed within the panel, without being in contact with the exterior and interior environment, from which they are separated by the water-repellent insulation and the interior vapor barrier respectively, therefore As there is no humidity, there is no risk of corrosion. All this ensures a durability of the house comparable to that of a traditional structure.
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