Comprehensive explanation of light steel keel

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Comprehensive explanation of light steel keel

Light steel keel


       Keel is a kind of building material used to support the shape and fix the structure, and it is very common used. The keel of the house takes on the role of dispersing the load-bearing pressure of the house, maintaining the structural balance of the house, and meeting the functional requirements of the house through different construction methods and strength requirements.



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       As far as the house keel is concerned, it is an indispensable part of the house partition and ceiling decoration. There are many types of keels. According to different materials, they can be divided into wooden keels, light steel keels, aluminum alloy keels, steel keels, etc. Among them, wooden keel is a commonly used material in decoration, and there are many models, which are used to support the external decorative board and serve as a support; light steel keel is a very popular building material in recent years, and it can be used as a ceiling , The partition wall has strong fire resistance, and various beautiful shapes can be made with light steel keel.



       Due to the low strength and short service life of wooden keels, light steel keels that are not easily deformed and have fire resistance are now used when families build villas or self-built houses. The use of wooden keel is also gradually decreasing, and it is gradually only used as an auxiliary material in building decoration; while light steel keel, with the prosperity of light steel villas and other residential buildings, its various characteristics have also attracted people’s attention .



Composition of light steel keel


      Light steel keel is a new type of building material made of hot-dip galvanized steel strip or thin steel plate rolled by a special rolling mill in a multi-pass process. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, adaptability to waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, sound absorption, and constant temperature. It also has the advantages of short construction period and simple construction. It is suitable for the decoration of the roof of various buildings and the interior and exterior walls of buildings. And the basic materials of the scaffolding ceiling, such as various types of gypsum board, calcium plastic board, sound-absorbing board, etc.


       It is widely used in various civil construction projects and light and textile industrial plants and other places, and has good effects on interior decoration modeling, sound insulation and other functions. The thickness of the light steel keel varies from 0.4mm to 2mm. Under normal circumstances, keels of different thicknesses will be selected according to the different uses and requirements of the keel to ensure the bearing capacity of the keel.


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Classification of light steel keel


       There are two galvanizing methods for light steel keels: one is hot-dip galvanizing and the other is cold galvanizing. The price of hot-dip galvanizing is high, while that of cold-dip galvanizing is low.


       Classified by purpose: ceiling keel and partition keel. Ceiling keel is composed of load-bearing keel (main keel), cladding keel (auxiliary keel) and various accessories; partition keel is composed of horizontal keel, vertical keel, diagonal keel and various accessories.


       According to the type of section: V-shaped, C-shaped, T-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped light steel keel.

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The decisive factor of the quality of light steel keel

  1. Steel strip quality;
  2. Light steel keel forming equipment;
  3. The amount of galvanizing on both sides of light steel keel;
  4. Fine management of keel manufacturers.



       Among them, the appearance quality standard of light steel keel is: the appearance is flat, the edges and corners are clear, and the cuts are not allowed to have burrs and deformation that affect the use. The galvanized layer is not allowed to have defects such as peeling, nodules, falling off and so on. For defects such as corrosion, damage, dark spots, pitting, etc., the inspection shall comply with the relevant provisions of national standards when tested according to the prescribed methods. When inspecting the appearance quality, visual inspection should be carried out under bright light conditions at a distance of 0.5m from the product.


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