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The FrameMac mobile factory can be an independent, complete and secure production system. Its characteristics can solve problems in areas with remote areas, backward infrastructure, inconvenient transportation and construction projects. The mobile factory is equipped with equipment and tools that can be used immediately to start work, enabling immediate production in a time-critical, harsh construction site environment.

light gauge steel house frame machine

device name FrameMac Smartpod Factory
Function Let machine work at contruction site independently
Size 12.192X2.438X2.896 meters
Coil Crane 2000 kgs
Machine Fixed in FrameMac Smartpod Factory
Insulated Wall, Roof Control Noise and Indoor temperature
Equip electrical device Air condition, LED light system and so on.
Electrical box Industrial standard
Available machine model All, optional
Design Software
    Software Option 1:
    VERTEX BD    

  • Automatically generate frame structure of wall, floor and roof to reduce design time;
  • True automatic 3D modeling guarantees 100% accuracy;
  • The software comes with engineering analysis function, which automatically calculates the structural bearing capacity;
  • Automatically generate 3D drawings of frame members and 3D renderings;
  • Automatic dismantling, according to the design, can automatically decompose the building frame map into independent unit maps;
  • Automatic generation of accurate rod blanking tables and bills of materials;
  • Automatic calculation of the bill of materials of the entire building, including the required steel, sheet, insulation, number of doors and windows, screws and other related supporting materials, can accurately estimate the project, and facilitate users to quote the project;
  • Automatically generate machining data (including automatic generation of component tags) to interface with the device;
  • The software is a new Chinese version, easy to understand, and designers can master the use of simple training;


    Software Option 2:

  • User-defined template
    Create 3D frames, 2D drawings and bills of materials in seconds. An unlimited number of frame configurations is possible.
  • Truss functionality
    MWF Advanced Metal recognizes almost all Revit roof profiles and automatically lays them
    Complete truss system.
  • New truss designer
    Optimize member selection and automatically generate engineering reports and detailed production drawings.
  • Detection opening
    Quickly detect Revit openings and apply frame rules throughout the model.
  • Complete floor system
    Apply revit loads for your membership type and complete floor analysis to allow MWF Advanced Metal to recommend the optimum component size based on load conditions and LRFD, ASD (US) or LSD (Canada) codes.
  • engineer
    You can use the model line to design the Oddball truss freehand and then design and build it for you in the final Revit model.


        Software Option 3:Arktec

Arktec is a light steel design software integrating design, calculation, plane and manufacturing. It has the advantage of open lines in the Spanish area, designing vertical panels, horizontal panels (floors), roof trusses, roof beams and stairs. The mechanical analysis of the structural design of the software complies with UNE-EN 1090-2:2019 (Spanish certification) to ensure that the design structure conforms to its specifications.

light gauge steel frame machinelgsmachine


        Software Option 4:QSS QuikSeries

The QuickSeries software is a software package developed based on the IntelliCAD software platform, which specializes in the design and refinement of cold-formed thin-walled light steel structures. It is an ideal design and design for light steel wall panels, roof trusses, floor slabs, and civil and commercial residences. Refine design software. QuickSeries software is a software with computer-aided engineering calculations. It currently has calculations for eight major cold-formed thin-walled light steel design standards to give customers full confidence that their designs will meet local design standards. The software also incorporates a reporting system, including a complete list of materials such as various attached parts, connectors and screws.

lsf machine

lgs machine

Engineering calculations for powerful trusses and wall frames
Ensure the efficient use of materials, maintain structural integrity, save material costs, reduce waste, and increase profitability.
Design and engineering conform to local environment and conditions
The design and engineering structure can be adapted to various environmental and climatic conditions (such as weak wind, stroke and strong wind zones).
Compliance with local and international design standards
The engineering design complies with international and local architectural design standards and codes, helping to simplify the local approval process.
Low learning cost and fast design process
Allow non-engineers to quickly design drawings through simple training


        Software Option 5:Continuous update.



Production Control Software

      Using FrameMac LGS Maker production control software with independent intellectual property rights and leading technology, equipped with real industrial-grade professional computers, ensuring that the system is suitable for all kinds of working environments and stable operation regardless of the working environment.


      FrameMac LGS Maker

  • 17" large color industrial grade professional computer, can choose keyboard, mouse or touch screen operation, manual / automatic function to switch.
  • Chinese operation interface, can provide multiple language choices, easy to operate and debug;
    The data output by the design software can be copied by USB and can be transmitted remotely while connected to the Internet;
    Directly read the output data of the design software, seamlessly connect the design and production without manual intervention;
  • Provides a graphical display of production conditions, real-time and intuitive monitoring of the production process, clear display of the production process (which knows which part the device is processing), progress (including the length of the workpiece, number of pieces, etc.) and material usage;
  • Real-time display and monitoring equipment operation, automatic alarm and shutdown, to ensure equipment and personal safety;
  • Flexible and efficient task scheduling, which can add, modify, and cancel production tasks at any time during production to improve operational efficiency. Whether the entire unit or a single member can be added and deleted at any time, effectively solve the problem of scrapping the rod due to material defects, equipment, and human error;
  • Continuous batch production and piece-by-piece processing (convenient product quality control) can be set;
  • In the case of normal shutdown of the system, the data is automatically saved, and zero waste is guaranteed during the
  • shutdown process (optional accidental power-off protection device to ensure that the accidental power-off data is not lost);
    The system has independent intellectual property rights and is permanently free to use;