Course Presentation

FrameMac Quikseries Software Training Meeting

On July 17, 2017, Foshan FrameMac Technology Co., Ltd. and strategic partner-international well-known light steel structure design software QuikSeries software jointly held a 5-day "FRAMEMAC QUKSERIES software 2017" at Alexuan Hotel in Nanhai, Foshan. The training session, dozens of FrameMac's customers from the country participated in the training.

This time, we are willing to invite software manufacturers to provide equipment control software training for their customers. It is the top light steel house equipment manufacturer in China. Relying on the advanced QuikSeries software and well-designed and reliable equipment, FrameMac has a well-recognized reputation in the industry. This training session is another wonderful interpretation of the company's dedicated service to its customers and its commitment to providing customers with superior product ideas.